Fire Department

Mission Statement
The members of Whitman Fire / Rescue pledge to protect the lives and property of this community through perseverance and dedication providing the highest quality of prompt, professional service to our community and citizens. We pledge to uphold our commitment with honor, integrity and dedication as role models to our community.



I would like to welcome you to the Whitman Fire / Rescue web site, and take this opportunity to thank all the members of this department for the hard work, dedication, and courage shown to this community. 
It is my hope that this web site will continue to pursue and strengthen the relationship between our community and the Fire Department. Whitman is a combination department with 24 fulltime firefighters, supplemented by on – call paid firefighters. The Administrative staff consists of 1 Fire Chief, 1 Deputy Chief and 1 Administrative Assistant. 
We are responsible for the safety of over 14,500 residents in 6.97 square miles operating out of one centrally located Fire station just out of the down town area. 
We staff with four (4) shifts of six (6) firefighters including one Shift Commander, one who is at the rank of Captain and three at the rank of Lieutenant. Our call volume is now in excess of 2500 emergency runs per year. The on duty members staff one (1) engine, (1) Ladder and two (2) advanced life support ambulances. The Shift Commander operates out of a command vehicle. The members of the department are its most valuable resource and make the department a leader in so many respects. Our members work hard every day to meet the needs of the Town of Whitman residents, businesses and visitors. Providing superior customer service is our number one goal. 
We strive to provide the best service to our customers as possible under ever changing times where an increase demand on public safety is at the forefront.  The fire department has five core values: Leadership, Competence, Integrity, Safety, and Customer Service. Firefighters must provide leadership at every incident; must be highly competent to manage diverse emergencies during the worst of compressed time frames; must be honest and never breach their oath of integrity; must be safe and make it home to their families; and must Be Nice, which is the simplest definition of Customer Service. If any of our fire companies serve you either on an emergent or routine basis, I expect they will treat you well and earn your trust and respect. Our members are proud to work in unity with all other Town departments providing a blanket of public safety for whichever your need may be.

Timothy J. Clancy Jr.

Fire Chief