Online Payments

The Town of Whitman accepts online payments through our online payment partners. This online service gives customers who do business with the Town of Whitman a convenient, efficient and user-friendly way to pay bills or purchase town services 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Online payments may be made using checking account information (Electronic Funds Transfer) or credit cards. Available payment options vary among services and our online payment partners. Clicking the payment of choice will display the available options and any associated service fees.

A service fee may be assessed by our online payment partners for each online payment processed, which will be detailed on their respective websites. 

 Bill PaymentDepartment Pay
Motor Vehicle ExciseTreasurer / CollectorPay Now
Boat ExciseTreasurer / CollectorPay Now
Personal PropertyTreasurer / CollectorPay Now
Real EstateTreasurer / CollectorPay Now
TrashTreasurer / CollectorPay Now
Water / SewerTreasurer / CollectorPay Now
Recreational ActivitiesRecreationPay Now

Birth CertificateTown ClerkOrder Now
Death CertificateTown ClerkOrder Now
Marriage CertificateTown ClerkOrder Now
Ambulance Billing, Reports, and PermitsFire
Order Now 
PermitsBuildingOrder Now
Public Works Fees
Public Works
Order Now

Dog License (neutered)Town ClerkRenew Now
Dog License (non-neutered)Town ClerkRenew Now

Donations / EventsDepartmentPay
Cultural Council DonationsWhitman Cultural Council
Donate Now
Champagne, Cake & Art Event
Whitman Cultural Council
Pay Now