Staff & Trustees


You can reach us at 781-447-7613, or email us for assistance.

  • David Aronson, Director 
  • Stephanie Young, Youth Services Librarian
  • Barbara Bryant, Circulation Supervisor
  • Mary Casey, Senior Library Technician
  • Ellie Donaghey, Library Technician
  • Sharon Dynan, Library Technician
  • Petra Reitz, Library Technician


The library is governed by the Board of Library Trustees. There are six members on the Board. Each is elected for a three year term. Below is a list of Library Trustees and the year their term ends.

  • Susan J. Durand, Chair, 2023
  • Michael Ganshirt, Vice Chair, 2024
  • Margaret McEwan, 2025
  • Katherine Getchell, 2024
  • Patricia Eunice, 2023
  • Lauren Kelley, 2025

The Trustees meet at the library on the third Wednesday of each month. Meetings are open and the public is welcome to attend.