Booking The Community Room

Use of Whitman Public Library Community Room Policy

The Board of Library Trustees welcomes the use of the Community Room by any local non-commercial group for meetings of a civic, educational or cultural nature. No admission fee may be charged. It is understood that the public will be welcome at all meetings, but numbers must not exceed those set by the building commissioner.

Granting any group permission to meet in the Library does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the group’s policies or beliefs. The Board reserves the right to restrict use of the Community Room.


  1. Arrangements to reserve the room must be made by completing an application available the Library Circulation Desk. The application must be returned to the Library Director’s office at least ten business days prior to the date of the meeting. The Director will inform the applicant whether or not their request has been approved.
  2. Library programs and activities have priority over all other uses. All other reservations will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  3. Permission for use of the room must be requested by a person at least 18 years of age.
  4. In the event the library is closed due to inclement weather, the use of the room will automatically be cancelled for that date.
  5. The Board of Library Trustees reserves the right to cancel any meeting for any cause.


  1. Any group whose meeting extends beyond the library closing will be responsible for paying a fee of one and one-half times the hourly rate of the library staff person who remains on duty. A minimum of two hours’ fee will be required.
  2. If a staff member is not available, the use of the meeting room will not be approved.
  3. Payment is requested with the submission of the application form. Checks should be made out to the Whitman Public Library.


  1. The room is certified to hold 96 adult persons.
  2. You are requested to arrive in time to arrange tables and seating to meet your needs. We have five tables and 50 chairs. Library staff is not responsible for setting up or breaking down equipment used at any meetings not related to Library business.
  3. Those who use the room are responsible for cleaning up. Cleaning supplies are provided in the kitchen area cabinets. A vacuum and other supplies may be obtained from a library staff member.
  4. No food, drinks or smoking are permitted. Alcoholic beverages may not be served. Nothing is to be attached to the walls.
  5. Each group is responsible for leaving the room as found, and for the replacement of lost or damaged equipment. Library staff inspects the room at the end of business each day.
  6. The room has a movie screen available for use.
  7. Donations to the Friends of the Whitman Public Library for additional Community Room furnishings and equipment are appreciated.
The Board of Trustees reserves the right to prohibit the use of the room by any organization which abuses or neglects the regulations as set forth above. The Board does not advocate or endorse the viewpoints of meeting room users.

Please sign up for The Community Room by filling out Community Room Application or stopping into the library.