Community Preservation Committee

Whitman adopted the Community Preservation Act (CPA) at the ballot box in November of 2020. Under the CPA, towns are permitted to spend CPA funds in the following areas: recreation, open space, affordable housing, and historic preservation. Money for the CPA is raised locally through a small surcharge on property taxes (in Whitman this is 1% or an average of $40 per household per year.) Funds raised through the local surcharge are matched annually by monies from a Massachusetts Community Preservation Trust Fund, which is made up of revenues collected from Land Court and Land Registry fees. In November 2021, Whitman formed a Community Preservation Committee (CPC) for evaluating proposals submitted by individuals, town boards, committees, and community groups. All expenditures from the Whitman CPA are subject to two basic requirements:

  • Only projects or proposals that have received the affirmative support of the Whitman CPC are eligible for appropriation.
  • They may be made only upon appropriation adopted by vote at an Annual or Special Town Meeting.

Whitman’s CPC is comprised of four at-large members appointed by the selectmen and representatives from five  designated boards: Conservation Commission, Historical Commission, Housing Authority, Planning Board, and the Recreation Commission. 

The Whitman CPC adheres to its responsibilities as set forth by the Massachusetts legislature under the CPA. All meetings are posted and are generally held on the first Tuesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. in the Lower Town Hall Meeting Room. Written correspondence can be addressed to the Whitman Community Preservation Committee, 54 South Avenue, Whitman, MA 02382.

2022 Community Preservation Committee Members

Elaine Bergeron, Historical Commission

Jake Dodge, Conservation Commission

John Goldrosen, Citizen-at-large

Brandon Griffin, Planning Board

Michelle LaMattina, Recreation Commission

Melissa Lothrop, Citizen-at-large

Patricia McKay, Housing Authority

Richard Rosen, Citizen-at-large

 Ryan J. Tressel, Committee Chair, Citizen-at-large